Building blocks to logically package our Services, ensure consistent and systemic delivery at Scale. Authored by a Subject Matter Experts to deliver a measurable outcome while addressing a specific business challenge i.e. opportunity or risk. Generally sector agnostic but can be customized to meet specific industry requirements. Fixed and Customizable components. Built upon the 30-year-old underlying principles of Action Reflection Learning & 7-D Model. Estimates effort & investment for delivery.



Planning & Regulation, Facilites Management, Staff Management, Scheduling, Customer Experience, Process Definition & Adherence, Governance & Quality Management, Inventory & Supply Chain


Safety & Security Systems, Equipment Setup & Management, Entertainment Systems, IT systems & Networks

IT Application

0% Cash Spillage, 0% Billing errors, Conserve Capital Investments, Reduce HR & Admin Workforce, Monitor & increase revenue

Financial Planning

Capital Budgeting & Investments, Financial Forecasting & Analysis, Working Capital Management, Revenue Management, Payroll, Insurance Management, Contract Management


Staff Acquisition & Release, Resource Calendars, Productivity & Performance, Training, Rewards & Recognition, Safety & Employee Policies

Marketing & Brand Building

Strategies & Planning, Market Analysis & Positioning, Promotions & Campaigns, Advertisement, Public Relations, Social Networking

Impact buttons – Examples

Innovation : Organization Map & Ecosystem Architecture
Integrated Business Planning
Information security – Framework, Implementation & Audit
Migration of IT Infrastructure: On-premise to the Cloud
Product to Solution Transformation
Lean Organization : Architecture & Implementation
Business Compliance & Audit: Implementation
Enterprise Risk Management
Customer Experience: Modelling and Implementation
Change Management
Procurement as a Service

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