The Standard In Nurse Call System To Improve Care And Performance With Clear, Precise , Communication.

IT, telecommunication and medical technology are growing closer and closer together in hospitals and care facilities. At the same time, economic and social changes are leading to ever-increasing costs. Saaga nurse call system provides you with integrated and sustainable care communication.
Nurse call system have evolved, providing front-line nurses with clinical communications capabilities and a pathway to more effectively focus their energies on patient interactions rather than gadgets.


Designed around a high speed RISC based microcontroller to interface with 16 room units and four nurse station(NS) display modules. It collects information from all the enabled room units, sends indicator information to all the calls and accordingly instructs Nurse station(NS) display modules. It also sends status to the Supervisor controller about all the activities.


These semi circular shaped indicators can be mounted on the wall near the patient’s door so that , nurse walking through the corridor can see it from a distance.These are made of super bright LEDs to indicate patient’s call pending which can be seen from the corridor itself.


The unit is designed with soft touch key pad consisting of one key for call initiation and another for clearing call which is required to be done by the nurse attending to the patient.
Additional push button switch is integrated to this unit by means of a coil cord to enable a patient to initiate a call from the bed itself.


Gets powered by Nurse station controller, consumes less than 5 watts. Allows for 4 calling units, one Toilet calling unit and one patient care unit.


Here call is originated by pulling the cord and can be cleared by pulling it again. The LED indicator lights up if call is active. This allows the patient to initiate a call from squatting positions itself.


Uses three feather touch keys one for care, one for emergency call and the other for clear. Uses one Green LED indicating nurse presence and other Red LED to indicate that the alarm is active.


This is a Microcontroller based device placed in the nurse station with static windows which displays the room number of the calling patient and also it has a voice module to announce the call. There are three buttons on it,
Power Button: Pressing this for long time (approximately 3 sec) turns the device ON or OFF.
MUTE Button: It is for acknowledging a call from patient. It will make the flashing window steady and also silence the voice module until a call is cleared.
Test Button: On pressing the button it will flash all the windows and will announce ” Attention, Patient calling ” to make sure that all the components are working fine.


Designed making use of a high speed RISC based micro controller to get connected to 16 nurse station controllers and to a PC. It interrogates all the nurse Controllers to get information related to all the activities of different room units and process them to arrive at Call forwarding, Call escalation, Emergency Call information which are forwarded to a PC, to a common large size display unit and to the Nurse station displays through Nurse station controller. It also reports to the PC about all the other activities.


This Display system is again designed around a microcontroller to get connected to the supervisory controller to receive any information to be shown and to put such information on the LED matrix. The display size is designed to be able to read it from a distance of 100 feet easily. The supervisory controller uses this display to show call escalated, call forwarded, emergency calls etc.


  • Call forwarding during lean hours when limited staff is available.
  • Call Escalation if pending more than pre-configured duration.
  • Nurse presence indication included in the Dual Colored Door Indicator to show”patient under care” status.
  • Provision for Emergency call with protection against inadvertent initiation and with differentiation between nurse and patient initiated emergency.
  • Nurse Station Display includes Single line text display to show various messages viz:Nurse presence in a room, call forwarded from another Nurse station, Emergency alarm etc.
  • All Nurse stations can be networked through supervisory controller to handle call forwarding, call escalation reporting through common large size LED display.
  • Allows for multiple Nurse station Displays which could be for expansion or for duplication of information in the corridor etc.
  • Calling units can share one window in the display module or can have individual windows.
  • Configurable System to suit variety of hospital requirements.
  • Optional Equipment Alarm interface module allows for conveying Medical Equipment Alarms to Nurse Station automatically.